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People and Places… At PHG Hotels we know that you have a choice when you choose a franchise / branding or management partner. Our concept is simple. PHG Hotels is an entrepreneurial, independent hotel company, bringing together investors, executive strategies and award winning on property leadership.

PHG Hotels was created through the partnership of award winning Operations, Asset Management, Revenue Management, Marketing and Sales leaders. This combination creates a dynamic organization designed to increase market share and revenues, while lowering expenses.
Whether we build hotels, franchise / brand, operate them or perform asset management, our team demonstrates a unique understanding of the hospitality industry in all phases of the economic cycle. At PHG Hotels, we recognize that our team is the ultimate source of our power, and we leverage that power with every asset.

Few Companies can match the depth and diversity of PHG Hotel’s organizational infrastructure and partnership support. Combined with an award winning executive and senior management team, this depth of support ensures the highest possible return to investors. PHG Hotels senior operational management team has in-depth experience in the hospitality industry with knowledge across multiple brands PHG Hotels deep centralized corporate infrastructure provides support to all field locations.

At the PHG locations located in over 11 counties houses operations, marketing, sales, revenue management, accounting and financial services, human resources and training. This centralized, cost saving approach allows for dedicated focus on both revenue maximization and cost control.

Using our resources and partnerships, PHG Hotels will, maximize its potential, and measure and report the successes with proven tools of the trade. Simply put, PHG Hotels Hospitality is an expert in the science of developing, franchise / branding and managing hotels.
If you are interested in further pursuing this exciting development opportunity, our development team will work with you to identify prime building locations based on your top markets of interest.

We will be launching our development campaign for PHG Hotels worldwide we look forward to working with you to bring this tremendous PHG concept to life.

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John Kramer
Vice President
Hotel Development
Parkside Hotel Group LLC